Looking Glass


A Looking Glass is a an observation tool. It has a base of obsidian inset with either a piece of flat glass or a clear crystal orb. When a hand is touched to the device, it projects an invisible Wizard Eye (except for duration, as the spell) to a minimum of 50' above it (each level of the user increases this by 5'). If the user of the device magically enhances their own vision, then the Wizard Eye gains the effect.

Anutrax stands next to an obsidian pedestal, gazing into a clear crystal orb that provides a bird's eye view of the camp several hundred feet out from where he sits. Rax considers that orb, a good tool to have for keeping a watch on the area around you; but surely, he would have a non-commissioned officer do such a mind-numbing task.

- from the Godspawn Saga