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Pargerax is a column of rock in the midst of the Ebonmurk sea. It is a natural column of rock which once was mined by Eclavfryn. Two centuries after mining began, it began to slow and then halted after too many slave miners and their drow overseers succumbed to vampire attacks or began to hunt with them.

Pargerax is ruled by an ancient vampire master named Yga'loth. This drow has ruled over this honeycombed column for more than a thousand years. He has picked up where the previous owners left off, using his vampire minions and slave "feedstock" to mine Pargerax for diamonds, rubies, and other precious gemstones. These gemstones are the extent of their trade, with anything else they need they take by force or by hiring out pirates.

Most of the vampires that live here are members of the Blood Cult Maryn Golnix.