Eternal Town

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The Eternal Town is east of lake Thurveleg. The town is one of the most unusual places in the realm. It never seems to change, time moves ahead, and people come and go in other areas of the realm, but not at this place. The town has been razed to the ground and the people slaughtered by bandits. Then the following day, the town is as it was, and nothing seems to have happened. When the place is raided, the coin and livestock and other loot carried off turns to dust the next day. The people back in the town have their items back and have no recollection of ever losing them. The population of the town seem to be unaware of anything dire, such as death, that happens to them from outsiders, but they do remember anything that happens to them from those dwelling in the town. The same does not apply to outsiders that are pick pocketed, murdered, or slain in raids on the place. They suffer the normal outcome.

Wizards have journeyed to the Eternal Town and investigated the place for powerful illusions, but no one has found such magic working on a scale to affect the entire town. Outsiders have come to the place and tried to live here, but they found that aging while having lost any memory of what happened the day before to be no reason to stay.

The Eternal Town is populated by all manner of races, and the peoples do seem to change. When a family or person decides to move-on, they leave the gates of the town and journey for a distance until they slowly start to vanish. Where they go is anyone's guess, but some speculate that the Eternal Town is nothing but a way point for souls on their journey to their final destination.

The town garrison aided Crimson Eye, Inc. against the Toomrur Hegemony in what became known as the Battle of the Eternal Town. This battle was the last conflict in the Crimson Offensive.

The city sewers drain into Tarâks Burrow.

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