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Acids come in varying levels of strength. Alchemists group these into categories. The potency of acid weakens with prolonged exposure to air, temperature, and other elements. Category 4 Acid has the potency of a black dragon's breath weapon. The application of an alkaline to the affected areas eliminates successive damage.

Acid damage is calculated based on the volume of acid thrown at a victim. To be used as a weapon, acid must be thrown in quantities of 6 ounces or more. Each 6 ounces scores the damage listed below. Large quantities of acid used as a weapon can never do more than quadruple damage. Anyone burned for more than 25% of their hit points on exposed areas (arms, legs, face) will suffer a permanent loss of 1 pt of comeliness. This can be recovered with heal or similar high-level spells.

Acid Categories
Name1st Rd Dmg2nd Rd Dmg3rd Rd DmgItem DCCost / Ounce
Category 1110121 CP
Category 21-41-30141 SP
Category 31-61-41-3171 GP
Category 41-101-81-6195 GP
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