Waters of Styx

Cost450 GP / ounce

The river Styx can be found in remote areas scattered across Bal-Kriav. On this world, one of the most well-known places to see the river is at the Styx Fountain.

The waters of the river Styx act as a powerful forget spell. This effect is very powerful(Will DC28) with those failing their save forgetting everything they known except basic instincts. A psychic surgery or heal spell can restore the patient's mind but there is a 10% chance that they come too with some form of insanity. Remove the insanity is not safe because the caster is subject to contracting the same sanity (Will DC25). Special dweomer-preserving containers (1500gp value) are required to keep Styx water properties, and even they deteriorate rather quickly (DC decreases by 2 every day).