Vardamir is a lake on the southern edge of the Ashemhorn valley. It is a large lake fed by numerous streams coming down the surrounding highlands. In the Year 75, the dark changes that corrupted the Turgon Aeries, also tainted this lake, making it foul-smelling, stagnant, and mildly poisonous.

Vardamir is home to abyssal abominations, aquatic demons and magical beasts. The most dangerous of the latter are arcane oozes. Before Turgon became demon lands, these oozes were contained in underwater vaults, a secret weapon of Lossëhelin's wood elves, to be used if things ever went bad with their magic-loving neighbors (i.e. Nénharma). In the Turgon Exodus (13 - 25), the magical oozes were released. They have terroized the demons ever since.