Nibarranâth is a unnatural semi-circular chain of crystalline hills. The hills are composed of deep red crystals and heavy earthen rock and metals from Granitoid. It is unknown how this elemental material came to be in this area. The red crystals are called crimson nibarranâths. They are a commonly used to adorn Khazarkar buildings, monuments and statues.

Nibarranâth has dozens of mines. These mines are dangerous to travel without a strong guard. This is due to the presence of xorn and lesser earth elementals . These creatures are believed to be coming from the depths of one of the deepest mines called Mulkîr-Nîlnâk. At one of the largest natural caverns of this mine is an enormous crystal called Agronnêlkad. This strange orange crystal continuously wavers between this realm and somewhere else. It is thought that the xorn and elementals are coming through this crystal.

Notable Areas
  • Mulkîr-Nîlnâk