RegionCinazan, Miradelgûn
MapHallveig Forest

Hallveig is a towering forest west and south of the Sahânzar Valley. It is the location of the world's only source of Hyperion Blackwood. These towering trees can get up to 500' tall. The oldest have have bases sixty feet in diameter and massive gnarled limbs which are often intertwined and anchored to the trees around them; making harvesting very dangerous. The leaves of hyperion blackwoods give off a rich musky aroma. The oil is used in making perfumes and soaps. Beyond its pleasantries, it is also a dangerous smell, for it masks the odors of those that live here.

Even with great canopies, light reaches the forest floor. With translucent leaves, only the great limbs of the Hyperion Blackwood give way to shadows and dark areas.

Hallveig is home to giant owls, giant praying mantis, giant bees, and other giant types. It is also home to an array of normal-sized animals and insects. There are many fey living here, and like the N'nathil Forest to the west, it a wild area with no central authority.

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