RegionsKarnegmoth, Izagunbar
MapElpašân Plain

In Karnegmoth, the Elpašân plains is broken by boulders, large rocks, rolling hills and jungle thickets. The hills and low lying areas between are thick with different types of grasses. The tallest are elephant grasses which grow to 20'. These places are very dangerous because large predators can hide almost unnoticed until you are on them.

Many streams flow through the low areas, forming ponds and small swamps. These wetlands have numerous wildlife paths. Large reptilian tracks of quadrupeds are in many of these areas, evidence of the passage of the master predators of Elpašân, the drakkoth. Numerous tribes of these creatures are scattered across the plains. Elpašân has rugged terrain composed of many streams, rolling hills and countless boulders. In the lands of Izagunbar, the rocky strewn plains give way to flatter terrain with tall grass. The grass here is only half the size of the elephant grass found in the Greenlands of Karnegmoth. The Elpašân of Izagunbar is home to many elephants, herd animals and predators. The elephants are protected by Ivory Asylum's strict laws against poaching.