Gas Spore

Gas Spore
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Gas spores were apparently developed as part of the illithid defensive array. Domestic forms, though mindless, ignore illithids but approach other life forms. The resemblance to the beholder is too close to be coincidental, particularly since beholders are notorious allies of illithids in the Underdark. Despite this, gas spores are found on illithid home-worlds while beholders are not. Possibly beholders have been eliminated from the homeworlds by the illithids because of their potential for danger, or possibly the illithid worlds are simply too windy for beholders. Other hypotheses have been advanced as well: that gas spores were developed in the Underdark and have spread to other illithid habitations, or that beholders and gas spores were both developed by illithids. This last is considered unlikely.[1]

- Academican Fourth M. Sungale, leader of the Ninth Interplanar Expedition


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