Skull of Golthess

ForgeGúra Spirit Forge
EnchanterGalnon Takhar

Golthess was a female Toomrur of the First Epoch. While serving as an Ogre Lord of Gúra, she was called to handle a bothersome primordial sand worm that had seemingly gotten a penchant for humanoid flesh. She and her war band went south of Diiv Prok and hunted the beast. During one of the all too frequent storms of the Sands of Hell, she was separated from most of her men and found herself facing down the worm they had called Ches'gah. This would have been an easy kill with her war band, but alone her chances were no better than suicide. She ended up being swallowed, yet managed to only have her legs consumed by the rift inside the worm's gut. She killed Ches'gah from the inside and then crawled out of the worm. The next morning her troops found her missing both legs, and flesh nearly gone from the worm's stomach acids. She handed her twin broad axes to her lieutenant and ordered him to lop off her head and take it back to the shaman Galnon Takhar. This shaman used Grishnákh Voodoo to imbue the skull of Golthess with spirit magic.

The Skull of Golthess is a open-faced skull helmet.

Ogre Lord Presence+10 diplomacy when dealing with Toomrurcontinuous
Sergeants of Golthesssummon 2-8 ogres to service, with only 1 group available at a time. They are independently willed, but of undying loyalty to the helm owner 1/week
Tongue of Golthessfluently speak Giant, Gnoll, Orc continuous
Worm Taintsuffer +2hp/die damage from acid attacks continuous