Seed of the Toomrur

CategoryRods, Staffs, Wands
Typewand or rod
Enchanterhobgoblin witches of Gorkith

Seeds of the Toomrur are either the length of a magical rod in the hands of medium-sized races like the hobgoblins and the orcs, or for larger builds, the troll, the ogres, the Toomrur, they have the length of a wand. This resizing twerk is a magical anti-trait, working unlike most other magical items which tend to resize to suit the user. Called the Lords Exaggeration, this magical power was placed on the Seeds of Toorur by Gorkith's witches. It was the opposite of what the Toomrur think of their society's male Ogre Lords, rumored to be endowed to storm giant proportions.

There have been three Seeds of Toomrur. For each, the focus for these witch crafted items was a mummified penis of an ogre lord buried in Mauhúlfúr.

Lords Exaggerationitem does not scale based on the wielder size, it is either treated as a rod for medium-sized races, or treated as a wand for large-sized racescontinuous
Minionwhen striking an opponent, if they are under 50% of their health, DC25 Will Save or become a loyal minion of the wielder. This is a charm effect with the normal chances of breaking it. With no save allowed, and until they break free of the magic, the minion permanently loses 1 intelligence point per day.1/day
Hag Spittle
Gorkith Briars