Mattârâk is a coastal desert on the eastern coasts of the Arcana Isle. The area's most feared denizens are crab-like humanoids called the Sadar-Nithôn. Several tribes, numbering in the hundreds, are concentrated in coastal caves. These creatures are dim-witted, but make up for that with fearsome claw attacks and having very strong natural armor. They were created by the Lith-Crillion. Whether this was by accident or intentional has never been learned. One ancient tome found at Aggda say that they were created to serve as coastal troops to combat Thraedli raiders.

A properly treated Nithôn shield is very light, and as strong as any mithril shield.

- Zidurminâth, from the tome Aglê Marân - "Sadar-Nithôn Chest Plate"

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