Exotic Armor

TypeExotic Armor

Exotic armor is often difficult to procure and make. It may require resource in a specific area of the realm or one knowledgeable in crafting it. Some types of armor are limited to where in the world they can be purchased. In other areas of the world the armor would be unknown to all but seasoned adventurers, specialty merchants, lore masters, and so on. If this list does not suit you, then consider making your own piece at a forge.

ItemAC BonusHardnessArcane Spell


Biomechanical Full Plate+9815%12,000Nordern citiessee entry
Biomechanical Tank Armor+132520%45,000Nordern citiessee entry
Carapace - Controller+5715%1,400item -4 vs. fire
Carapace - Queen+7920%3,000item -4 vs. fire
Carapace - Swarm+1510%300item -4 vs. fire
Carapace - Thinker+365%700item -4 vs. fire
Deep Squid Scale+51020%300Norderns citiesunderwater stealth
Dwarven Craftedtype +1type +2type +5%+2,500near dwarves+2 item saves
Ethenoran Root Hide+3810%600Eldimen+2 item saves
Muneyd'vith Hide+5810%2,700Aerie of Dragonssee entry