Maiden of Lost Souls

CategoryArtifacts, Swords
Typeartifact, epic
ForgeCorkathar (under Naratyr)

The Maiden of Lost Souls is a +8 longsword of soul wrenching. It was forged from melted down arjale taken from the armor of one of Geryon's top commanders.

In the Reckoning, Orcus with a retinue of marilith stormed an outpost near Geryon's capital city. This brazen attack, was made only to display that Orcus was not afraid to lead from the front and take on tasks that someone would consider suicidal or insane. Orcus and his elite team of demons killed the pit field commander and everyone in the keep. They did not stick around for the reinforcements coming to the aid of the place - an entire army teleporting, flying and running towards the place. They returned the same way they came, through a temporary rift linking Thanatos with Stygia.

After the blade was forged at Naratyr, it was scheduled to receive an enchantment in the coming days. This never happened because a thief employed by Geryon stole it.

Thereafter, Orcus posted a demon in all of his vaults - some have been locked away for so long that they have gone mad.

- unknown, from piece of vellum found in a market stall in Sigil - "Vault Sector G12"

The thief took the blade back to his master in Stygia. Geryon had the weapon enchanted and given the sentience of one of Orcus's favorite concubines, a Theegan witch named Kali-Hîn. When her life was ended, Geryon packed her body in ice and sent the present back to Orcus. The soul of the witch that was sacrificed to make this blade made it a chaotic evil aligned weapon.

The weapon's domineering sentience requires a strong mind to keep control of it. Because of its alignment, Geryon ended up trading the weapon to his old foe Orcus. This happened after the Reckoning, nearly two centuries after the blade was enchanted. The reason Geryon did this was that Asmodeus took Stygia from Geryon, even after all his loyal efforts in the war, and gave the world he had so long ruled, to a scheming frozen arch-fiend named Levistus.

The sword has been known to call the wielder and others cowards, fodder, and other derisive names when they are less than decisive in their actions. The purpose of the Maiden of Lost Souls is too butcher all non-chaotic evil creatures. Those killed by the weapon have their soul immediately sent to the Abyss where they become one of thousands in a churning lake outside of Orcus's capital city Naratyr. In this lake, the souls undergo a process that slowly corrupts them, until they become a chaotic evil soul.

Alignmentchaotic evil
CommunicationSpeech & Telepathy, Read Magic, Read All Languages
Special Purpose
Personalityfemale, domineering, sadistic
GP Value??
Soul Wrenchthose killed have their soul energy sucked out and sent to the Abyss, the wielder regains hit points equal to all the damage they scored against the victim, strength increased by 2 points for 1 hour (maximum +20 strength points in this manner)continuous
Abyssal Essence anyone wielding the item will be turned chaotic evil unless they make a Fortitude DC25. The DC increases by 1 each day.1/day
Know Your Enemyknow alignmentcontinuous
Babau Assassinsummon a babau to service for 1 week1/month
Whispers of Thanatoscontact other system (this is communication with Orcus, frequent inquiries will be ignored unless some sort of payment is given)1/week