Righteous Arms of Athena

Templar of Athena
RegionLands of Purity
Alignmentlawful good
Symbolbroken glowing blade

The Righteous Arms of Athena is a militant holy order closely tied to the Divine Empire. A number of the order's leaders serve in high positions of the empire's government and in the military.

The order is broken into two main groups. The smallest, and forming the leadership of the order are Athena's Templars. These are crusader types back by inquisitors and those heavily focused on spreading the word of Athena; to the Church of Athena in Malacost, this group is viewed as fanatics that can be heavy handed in their methods. The other part of this order are the Righteous Blades. These are battle priests, paladins, paladin sub-types with a strong attachment to Athena. There are no rogue types, mages, and psionicists in the order. If for some reason that type is needed, then they are employed as mercenaries.