Superior Belief

NationKhazarkar Empire
Typeviews of the Khazarkar race

Khazarkars claim they are descended from what many believe are the first race of Bal-Kriav, the Lith-Crillion. There is no proof of this conception, and other civilizations scoff at such vanity. This elitist state of the Khazarkar mind makes many of them view all other races as lesser beings.

Khazarkars may not have been the first race, but they do hold some interesting characteristics. They have one of the longest recorded histories. They are highly advanced in agriculture, sciences, medicine, and warfare. All facts that point to a very old civilization that has maintained some semblance of stable government.

The history of the Khazarkar Empire reveals their expansionist nature and desire to control other civilizations. They often seek to expand the living space of their population without regard to the impacts or rights of other civilizations.