RegionNorthern Hordelands

Kapha-Lak is a large lake north of the Sournbracks. It is a major source of fish and mollusks for the area's Theegans. Kapha-Lak is fed by both natural and unnatural sources of water. The natural sources are mountain streams and two rivers from the north, the larger of the two rivers is Tunzâr. The unnatural sources are known as the Witches Tears. These are elemental motes of water and earth motes, hundreds of them, floating over the lake. The water motes look like floating bodies of pure water. Some are as small as a thimble, while a few are as big as ponds. The water cascades from these motes from varying elevations and the noise can be deafening for those that fall from great heights. The earth motes are floating islands with vines and other vegetation hanging from them. Some are large and serve as nests for rocs, griffons, and other predatory birds, while others may hold towers of some Theegan witch or other powerful personage. The lake also has a few demons living in it. These either came down the Turuk river or were swept down from flooding. Generally these demons are not too destabilizing for the area. Sometimes though a more intelligent one, like the half-demons of Bul, will come down and cause real problems in the lake and its shores.

The lake's two large islands have Theegan fishing villages.

Notable Areas