Deck Two

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Deck two is between deck one and deck three. It is one of the ship's three port-starboard gun decks. The ship's cannons are overseen by section commanders in charge of six to eight guns. Each cannon is individual housed in a room. This is done to keep enemy spells, like a fireball, or an exploding round from taking out more than one gun crew.

  • bathing chambers
  • 40 cannons
Gun Section 18/24
This section of cannons is on the starboard side of deck two. It includes cannons numbered 18 to 24. The gunnery sergeant for this gun section is Sergeant Armigûr. Cannon #18 is nicknamed Bird Biter. It got this named from a unconfirmed hit on the Harbinger of Chaos. Number eighteen’s claim to fame is open to debate with two other crews claiming they fired the round that hit the primordial raptor, so there are three cannon crews that want to nickname their cannon a proper name.