This mutative indigo powder causes any creature with a 7 or higher intelligence that is exposed to it, via water, or by touch with a 5%/cumulative chance per hour of permanently losing 1 point of dexterity (can be restored through a restoration spell) and being slowed by a movement of 1" as the stuff destroys the nerves in the creature. Once affected, the Alborizz takes its course, eventually killing the creature unless cured. This effect continues until the creature has been cleansed with alcohol. For creatures under an intelligence of 7, it acts as a growth spell that increases by two levels each day over a six-day period. After this period, Alborizz no longer affects the creature. In liquid form, it causes immediate effects to occur as indicated above. A neutralize poison or similar spell has only a 5%/chance per level of the casting priest of curing the malady. Alborizz is not a poison and is not magical in nature - no saving throw or magic applies against its effects. A pinch of Alborizz is enough to affect 25 gallons of water.

Alborizz was invented at Irastâmâz. This substance is considered contraband and cannot be purchased on the open market.