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Battle Incarnate

Increase strength by 1-4 points, adds +15hps, combat effectiveness increased by adding 1-6 levels of fighting ability (saves, hit points, etc... are not affected), immunity to fear, charisma enhanced by 3 points, and lastly the creature can fight to a negative hit points equal to their constitution score. Any creature functioning in the negative hit points has a 1% chance per negative hit point of dying when the effects of Battle Incarnate end. This chance functions regardless of subsequent healing. The potion lasts for 2-8 turns.

Gangrene Juice

Contact with this foul liquid causes disease. It requires a save vs. poison or the creature will see one of their body parts rot away in 1-4 days. It can only be cured by regenerate, cure disease at 12th level, or Heal spell. A vial has 4 applications.

This substance is created from extracting the juice found in a plant called Gangresee. These plants only grow on Torvild.


Heals 10-60hps and has a percent chance equal to the hit points cured of raising strength by two points for six turns. The entire potion must be consumed.

Super Healing

Heals 8d8+8hps when wholly consumed, or 2d8+2 for each one-quarter potion.

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