Great Mold Boil Helm


The Great Mold Boil Helm is one of the spore-based armaments created by demon alchemists that served under Zuggtmoy in the Demon Spawn War. The first of them were created in the fungal vats of Pulax. The helm is made of hardened mushroom stalks and holds a glassteel ball atop it. Inside this ball is a yellow mold in a liquid that churns and bubbles. This creature has all the normal powers of a yellow mold while in the helm. The fungi spores of this captive mold can be released by the wielder in a cone attack. Other powers of the item include psionics and protections against spore attacks.

If yellow mold contained in the ball is struck by a continual light spell or sunlight, it goes dormant for 2-12 turns. Breaking the glassteel shell around it, and casting cure disease on the mold will kill the yellow mold. Breaking the shell will release a compacted spore colony that will cover 300 square feet and grow into a yellow mold over the next week.

Spore Spray cone of yellow mold spores to 40', Fortitude DC22 save or suffer 1-6 points of constitution damage on the first round, and Fortitude DC25 save or suffer 2-12 on the second round 1/day
Zuggtmoy's Protection +5 on any save against attacks made by slimes, molds, and puddings continuous
Spore Linkas the Linked special ability continuous
Dominatoras the Dominator Psicrown continuous