Smithfire titan Gauldmyth
Enchanteraltar magic from Surtur

Ashmaker is a +3 trident that changes shape to suit the wielder. For a medium size creature, it is a 9' long weapon. Ashmaker is forged of arjale with tins made entirely of three large fire opals. The fire opals are cut to razor thin edges and points.

Ashmaker was made by a fire giant smith named Gauldmyth. Blessed by the god Surtur, it is imbued with fire magic. Made as a gift for King Otrafning of Hofthorm, it never reached its destination.

A creature killed by the weapon begins to burn magically and will be consumed in 9 rounds. It is safe to touch a burning corpse for the first three rounds. Thereafter, the flames begin to get hot - causing 9hp (18hp on round 5) each round and doubling. On the nine round the flames burn for 288hps. This heat is such that metal will turn to slag and most items and the bones will be destroyed. In the end, all that is left is ash.

The magical words to activate the weapon must be researched or perhaps learned from the previous wielder.

Powers - as 18th lvl caster
Weapon PropertyAshmaker is immune to firecontinuous
Burning Hands as spell for 5d4 (Reflex DC15) 2/day
Fireball as spell 10d6 (Reflex DC17)1/day
Meteor Swarm wielder must make a (Will DC22) or the meteor swarm ("large sphere box pattern") explodes at the trident. This ground zero explosion affects all those around it, including the wielder. If the save is made the meteor swam can be cast as a spell of the same name. In either case, the save is (Reflex DC23)1/month