Starboard Command Tower

LocationPillar of Horns

The Starboard Command Tower is a squat 20' high and 20' diameter tower on the Pillar of Horns.

The captain heads to a two-level tower, just south of amidships. It's a squat twenty-foot high, twenty-foot diameter tower, just like what you might see adjoining the walls of a small castle or alone on a hill overlooking a village. Atop the tower, a figure looks down at his captain. The captain yells up to the battle drummer, "Call to Battle!"

The battle drummer proudly begins to bang on his drum, which is eight feet across with a mammoth-hide drum head. The mammoth hide used to it was robbed from the elephant graveyard Irastânâz. The captain reflects, looking around at his ship, thinking, 'Our first act of aggression on her maiden voyage', a slight against the minotaur's age-old elderaunt enemies. The Elderaunts are a people who generally revere elephants, even forbidding scrimshawing their own tusks and the use of ivory anywhere; they let the ivory lie where it falls.

- from the Godspawn Saga

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