Arcanist Ascendant

CategoryClass Tactics
Typeclass tactic

Arcanist Ascendant are casters that focus on combat casting and maximizing the potential of their spells. This tactic was first used by the wizards under Arcana in the Demon Spawn War. Over the ages, it has been adopted by non-arcanists like druids and priests. Druids call this class tactic Nature Ascendant and priests Divine Ascendant.

Some of the most skilled wizards that use this class tactic are followers of Arcana. They get the Feel the Weave ability which combined with those below make them a consummate caster.

Ability TypeEffect
Combat Castingfeat+4 on Concentration check while casting spells on the defensive - being on the defensive means you don't draw an attack of opportunity if you make your concentration check (DC 15 + spell level), failure means you lose the spell
Maximize Spellfeatall variable, numeric effects are maximized, uses up a spell slot 3 levels higher than the spell cast
Empower Spellfeatall variable, numeric effects are increased by 50%, uses up a spell slot 2 levels higher than the spell cast. A maximized fireball would use up an 8th level spell slot, but deliver 90 hit points of damage, and since the spell is bolstered, it is treated as an 8th level spell for saving throws.
Spell Focusfeat+2 to DC for all spells of the chosen school of magic
Arcanist AscendantsynergyMaximize Spell only uses a spell slot 2 levels higher than the spell cast, but is still treated as if it is a higher level spell. The Arcanist Ascendant can pick an energy type and spells cast with that energy type score +1 extra damage per die and have a +2 DC versus saving throws.