Knock Knock

TypeFigurine of Wondrous Power - small battering ram

The first Knock Knock was invented by the dwarven smiths of Numakkhalgu. They made this item to help in taking back Forgeheim. The doors in Forgeheim were built by stone giants and dwarves, so they knew that even they would have a hard time breaching them - all the while under sustained missile fire. They invented a small figurine, that when activated enlarged to a small hand-held battering ram that could be used in tight corridors and other areas where it is impossible to set-up large siege works. Knock Knock proved to be amazingly effective at taking down even adamantine vault doors. The one used at Foreheim is now part of a monument in Numakkhalgu.

Knock Knock is a small battering ram sized for a crew of four. This size is relative to those carrying it, thus for a crew of giants it become a battering ram that is equal to a full-size ram manned by a team of dwarves. Knock Knock can be used to either bring down a door by way of a forced entry or it can be put into ramming mode. When ramming mode is activated, a chain springs from the top of the device and anchors in any overhead ceiling within 40', making the device equivalent to a small battering ram.

Forced Entry +15 bonus versus break DCcontinuous
Battering Ram as light ram with +10 damagecontinuous