Hand of Zuggtmoy

Typeclub, spore weapon
Cost3,000 GP

A Hand of Zuggtmoy is a spore club with a length of 3' to 8'. It is constructed of a long hardened mushroom stalk topped with a brown moldy, coconut-shaped head. It is an acidic weapon that in addition to normal damage delivers 1-6hps of acid damage upon hit. A natural "20" results in the weapon releasing a spore cloud on the foe that has the affects of being exposed to a brown mold. If it is magicked, it keeps its properties along with any others added to it. The weapon has 35 hit points and damaged only by fire. Destruction of the item creates a 5-20' diameter patch of brown mold to spring up around it.

Considered extremely dangerous in sloppy hands, these weapons are illegal in most civilized areas.