Second Sorrow Pass War

Period1475 - 1477
TheaterHells Womb
Eye-Skull Pact VS Iburakthal
Sector MapLirgaza

In the Year 1475, the Black Tide was marching north with the objective of conquering the Lands of Purity. The owners of the Gathol Hills, the people of Iburakthal, refused the Black Tide's request for passage. Thus, the Black Tide had no choice but to fight Iburakthal, "long-time defenders of Sorrow Pass". A series of battles soon followed in the area in and around Gathol.

The Black Tide and the Orchish Empire secretly formed the Eye-Skull Pact. As was mentioned, the military objective of the Black Tide of Thasmudyan was to open a route into the Lands of Purity. The objective of the Orchish Empire is even today unknown. Military theorists claim that the High Command sought to redeem their honor lost in the First Sorrow Pass War. In Han-Schworn's book "War Strategy", famed strategist of the Council of Bile, wrote that the Orchish Empire sought to weaken the Black Tide by allowing them to stretch their forces across Hells Womb and into Lands of Purity. The rabble that made up the forces of the Black Tide, though powerful and nearly unstoppable in its initial stages would disintegrate over time from internecine conflicts, and have to deal with a powerful insurgency of good creatures in the Lands of Purity. If the Black Tide was powerful enough to take the Lands of Purity, then it would probably turn against the Orchish Empire at some later date.

Less than 100 years after the Second Sorrow Pass War, Han-Schworn's theory proved correct. The Black Tide of Thasmudyan was driven out of the Lands of Purity and Hells Womb in the Athena Crusade and the Artery War. Theorists today say that such a long-term strategy, covering nearly a generation, could have only been engineered by Emperor Blac'drugulois and his masterly advisors of the Court of One Hundred Eyes.

In the Second Sorrow Pass War, the combined forces of the Eye-Skull Pact proved overwhelming. Iburakthal sought no foreign help in going up against the mighty armies of the Orchish Empire, and the undead legions of the Black Tide. It is unlikely they would have received help, for the Council of Bile was guarding their territories from brigandage caused by the rampages of the Black Tide in Hells Womb, Paradomea was profiting by selling arms and getting rid of the dregs of society by supplying them as slaves, and CelebriƤn were on the defensive against roving bands of undead creeping through Gwaeldior.

The last citadel to fall to the Eye-Skull Pact was Targind-Nal. In 1477, Iburakthal was destroyed, and their civilization erased from the map.

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