Arkhosia Resalth War

Hiznaar Goz
Period933 HE - 946 HE
TheaterAerie of Dragons
Arkhosia VS Dominion of Resalth
MapsHiznaar Goz

Arkohosia Resalth War started upon the fall of Thadir, which brought an end to one war and started another. This second war came about when Arkhosia made a surprise attack on Oratu Iru. This was done to cut the lines of communication between Resalth's thinly manned northern areas and her main army far south at Thadir. Arkhosia was joined by the stone giants that had once lived in Oratu Irus. The main reason for Arkhosia's declaration of war on the Dominion of Resalth was because they knew it was only time till Resalth's territorial ambitions turned on them.

In the Battle of Resalth Lingraav, the Dominion's dragon leader went in such a blaze of glory, that the Arkosians honored his dying wish that they not rename his capital. The Arkhosians kept the name Resalth Lingraav and erected a monument to the glory of his now fallen empire.

At the war's conclusion, Arkohosia took Resalth Lingraav and Lumnaar Hok and returned Oratu Irus to the stone giants. There was one stipulation in that the giants must allow free trade through the pass, but allowed to charge fair tolls. Feykro Silon was abandoned to its ghost dragons and areas south of Lumnaar Hok were returned to their rightful owners. Areas of Krent Talaav were garrisoned because this was the direction of the empire's advance into lands east of the mountain range Lotlom Vund.