Juniger Chariot of Surtur, Danzar-Khâl's Forge

Chariot of Surtur & Shield of Phalgas
SystemsAsteraoth, Quara'tun
AliasesChariot of Surtur, Danzar-Khâl's Forge

Juniger is one of the binary stars that are part of Asteraoth and Quara'tun. The peoples of Ghífthauk refer to this star as "Danzar-Khâl's Forge".

This star is fiery red in color. It is viewed by some as the symbol of fire and destruction. Historians often use it in writing when referring to times of despair or when expressing intense heat. The worshipers of Surtur often refer to it as the "Chariot of Surtur". Juniger is twice the size of its sister star Merioss.