Rings of Hettar

Opened14 Bliss 8500 DE

In the Creation War, earth archons working under Hettar came up with a bold plan to drain the Nautrek sea. After analyzing the bedrock and subsurface areas of northern Brucrumus, they determined that lake Rumak would be the most susceptible place for planting a series of Null Mines. After detonating these Web piercing devices, it was hoped a rift would be opened to Chaos. Hettar scoffed at the idea, but did not stop his scientists. He figured that if it did not work according to plan, it would at least cause some mayhem and consternation for the Covenant leadership.

On 14 Bliss 8500 DE, on Rumak's silty floor, four null mines were detonated. As Hettar figured, they did not work as planned. Instead of creating a single one-way rift to Chaos, four smaller rifts were created on the lake's surface. There were several problems with these rifts. The first is that they were random, appearing at no set time and lasting only minutes to hours before they vanished. The second serious problem was that three of them were localized to Bal-Kriav. They are one-way rifts with destination thousands of miles away from Rumak; with no quick way of return. Of the four rifts, one met part of the plan's requirement. This rift links to a world that was once part of Chaos, so at the time it was deemed somewhat useful to the primordials. It is also a one-rift, a bridge between Rumak and the ocean world Cresting Spires.

The Rings of Hettar look like 50' diameter whirlpools. Their appearance and disappearance is completely unpredictable. Only one Ring appears on Rumak's surface at a time. Any vessel or creature approaching within 200' of these rifts will be be drawn into it. After entering the rift, the traveler will be transported to a faraway place.

DestinationGeneral Locationd20
VinwenLands of Purity1-5
Oruš MataBuccaneer Archipelago11-15
Wavenocean of the Cresting Spires20