Feydark Fissure

Typeinter-system rifts between Tirion and other Mortal Systems

Feydark fissures are inter-system rifts linking places on the worlds of the Tirion System with worlds of other Mortal Systems. They are most commonly caused by earthquakes. Some claim them to be nothing more than divine tampering, blaming figures like Geb for stirring up chaos.

The High Wood Quake caused feydark fissures to open in two areas of the High Wood Country. In the wastes of Baranarth and Einreth, products of the High Wood Quake, are cavities leading into the Underdark region Menortamon.

In 610 HE, drow from the world Kriav crossed over to Bal-Kriav by way of a feydark fissure. In sector Sygning they founded the settlement Filion'lyr. One of the most impressive of Bal-Kriav's fissures is Chaongrit. This particular feydark fissure is a massive sinkhole that came about on 3 Bliss 1711 HE.

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