Dušullu-Ošur is a multi-hued purple stone that serves as the core of Achamâz. This place, a towering plateau on the surface, extends deep underground with its western edges touching the Heliotrope Sea. The waters of this subterranean sea are dyed purple from their contact with Dušullu-Ošur.

In the Third Epoch, Gaereaus began mining Dušullu-Ošur for buyers on the surface. Fascinated by its colors, and Achamâz a holy place, they saw value in the stone, something to decorate and construct holy buildings. Annually, the Divine Empire and Malascost import thousands of tons of this stuff.

A standard block of Dušullu-Ošur provides a +2 sacred bonus to any good creature or object within 100'. It also doubles the hardness of any object used by a good creature within 200'.

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