Theegan sky marauder
Typehuman sub-race
Creation29 Temporal 1315 DE

Theegans were created in the Dawn Era by the Creationist god Benevolence. They were spread across three of the worlds of the Asteraoth system. In the Creation War, two of these worlds fell to the primordials with one totally consumed by the Master of Tides. By the end of the war, only the Theegans on Osâchar remained. One of the most well-known Theegans is Ares. This future Higher Power, battled the Masters of Tides and died. His skills in battle, sorely needed in the Creation War, the god Bal-Kriav resurrected Ares. A martial people, many Theegans took to worshiping Ares.

Theegans are an alien human race of Bal-Kriav. As slaves, they came to this world in the Horgon Era aboard the Spire of Krak-Oth. When this alien vessel crossed the Void, leaving behind their world Osâchar, they ended up in the northern reaches of Grashakh.

On Bal-Kriav, like on Osâchar, Theegans served as slaves to the Durkoth and their Saint of Maen. Over several hundred years, the Durkoth and their slave population spread west into the Tribe Steppes. When the Durkoth left the surface for the southern seas (c.f. Durkoth Descent), the Theegans were left without masters. Most of the population migrated from Grashakh to the Tribe Steppes.

In the Tribe Steppes wide expanse of rolling hills and plains, the Theegans adopted the horse as their mode of travel and war. Their reverence for this animal was such that icons and statues were erected in deference to them. Most of the people prayed to Krak-Oth as their god, but by the Year 43, cults of horse-worship were beginning to gain dominance in religious affairs. The strongest of these cults was located in Emeldimir. Krak-Oth angered at this divergence of faith, cursed the worshipers of the horse. This powerful curse transformed the worshipers into grotesque centaur aberrations. These beasts became known as the Jara; a named derived from the most well-known of the horse cults. For decades after this curse, they preyed havoc on those they were once like, murdering, raping, and plundering Theegans holds with reckless abandonment. To escape these ravages, most Theegans of the Tribe Steepes migrated to sectors Skycius and Zyrath of the Northern Hordelands region.

The Theegans are called barbarians by most other races. Their chaotic nature and dark past probably has something to do with their barbaric nature. They have shamans and witches among the people that pray and get others to pay homage to the spirits of the land. Some tribes revere dragons, but most worship Ares.

Theegans are concentrated in the Northern Hordelands, where many serve the Witch Horde. They have an average height of 5'5" and weigh approximately 160lbs. Their skin is brown with green patterns. This natural skin color is a very effective camouflage for the plains and woodlands. Theegan eyes are either brown, green or black. They have no hair on any part of their body.

At an early age, the Theegans are raised to fight from horseback. As such, the riding skills of Theegans rank among the best on Brucrumus.

Theegans are some of the most skilled riders I have ever seen. In some clans, Theegan mothers give birth while in the saddle - which gave rise to the saying "born in the saddle". They are seemingly attuned to their mounts and can sense what it will and will not do. They are able to urge their mounts on to greater speed because of this and know how far to take a mount and still be able to ride it back home.

- Colonel Ilurûs Gudyazas, excerpt from "Way of the Theegan Horse Masters"

The Theegans of Yadyast use hippogriffs as mounts. Like their brothers on the ground, the Theegan skills in flying these birds of prey are masterly. In the Phoenix Rising conflict, the hippogriff riders of Yadyast caused devastating damage to the supply lines of the Divine Empire.

Racial Traits
Woodland Pattern +2 Hide (woodlands)
Equine Mastery +5 Ride
Racial as human