In the Demon Spawn War, Talisid and the Five Companions were assigned the task of taking back Sirketh from the grips of the demon general Baphomet. In one the battles between these two forces, a group of gorantin and minotaurs were caught in a terrible spell that fused the two groups together. The same spell teleported them away from the area and made them forget everything as if they had drank from the Styx.

In 1481, Squad X7E found this forgotten race.

Sig-Lorm are a cross-between a minotaur and an ape. They are fast movers in forests and jungles, moving through the trees at twice their land movement. The creatures were once limited to a jungle area in a depression called Manduggiss. The Sanguine Whispers aided the creatures in settling an area in the southeastern part of the Northern Hordelands. The purpose of the movement was for the sig-lorm to act as a buffer state against the barbarians of the Northern Hordelands. The sig-lorm population proliferated over the centuries at Chariotearn. In 1642, this city-state and most of its people were wiped out by the the volcano Traeulf.

Sig-Lorms are a highly psionic race. They have ape-like limbs that allows them to move through treetops with speed. They are a foot shorter than minotaurs.

Common Homelands