Creation17 Witchrite 13 HE

In the Lith-Crillion Era, Tragarans of the Piamauza tribe were duped into going to Nessus. An ancient Tragaran text called the Galanîn Codex, says that Asmodeus was responsible for luring them to his domain, then spreading his seed among the Tragarans. Instead of producing Gradorians, the females gave birth to an entirely new race which came to be known as the Piamauza.

After five centuries on Nessus, Asmodeus sent 30,000 Piamauza back to the world Bal-Kriav. They made their way to this world via the rift Onk'ar Decath. After leaving this rift, they found themselves in the cracked tableland Skein Tus. In 441 HE, they founded their first settlement, Kathodrarg.

The greatest Piamauza empire was Mir'piamauza. When it fell following the Burn Wars and a brutal civil war, they scattered across the realm. One of the Piamauza states to rise from the refugees of this empire was Draguron. They too would fall from internal conflict which seems to happen in any Piamauza dominated society.

When there is nobody to focus aggression on, like after Zeymah'kein's fall, the Piamauza turned to in-fighting. The same happened when those under the leadership of Dragur Morerenne went far north to Skegjold, founding Draguron. When he passed, they turned to fighting over the spoils, who would they too would suffer the same fate after his passing.

- Rôthil-Zirik, Khazarkar historian, excerpt from his book the History of the Piamauza

The Piamauza have spread across a vast area of Brucrumus and into the Underdark regions beneath it. They have proven to be one of the most adaptable races when it comes to living on the surface and then by choice or external pressure, relocating to the Underdark. When Mir'piamauza fell, many of them went into the Underdark and joined Mîmêk and drow empires. In these places, they were accepted by most of the locals without much racial friction. In some cities and empires of the light-less reaches, Piamauza prospered and became influential members of their adopted society.

Racial Traits
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