Krivian Ghoul

Krivian Ghoul
Creation17 Lunar 323
Languageas base race, Nidurrâb

Krivian ghouls are a form of hybrid undead. They are the self-proclaimed guardians of all the Pyramids of Power. They guard the pyramids because this is where they are created and are bound to its defense.

After some discussion, the wood elf Krivian and his elite Angrod guard entered a secret door. They passed into the confines of the High Pyramid of Power. They wandered about the many levels of the great structure, finding nothing of interest. Everything seemed sealed up. Magic could not penetrate the walls or open the doors. They then came upon a passage where light and sound was twisted, even movement seemed slowed and distorted. These explorers had entered an area called the Diametric Nexus, an area where the forces of two energy matrices pulled against each other. Those that passed through these fields of positive and negative energy were forever changed. They became something between living and dead, a hybrid undead. These beasts captured others of their tribe and passed them through the Diametric Nexus, thereby adding to their numbers. The reason for this is thought to be some combiination of need for companionship and a desire to survive - which is better done by strength in numbers.

Krivian ghouls create more of their kind through this same process. They either capture them or procure them from slavers of the local area. Over the ages, the other sentient Pyramids of Power followed suit. Each created a guard from the local population. This copying of another Pyramid's activities has led to the conclusion that the Pyramids of Power have a means of communicating with each other.

- Veslospan, wood elf historian of Angrod - "Creating Krivian Ghouls, Year 352"

Those captured and converted into a krivian ghoul are forever locked at their current maturity level. This means that those of young age are often not candidates for taking back to a Pyramid of Power.

His thoughts drift back to 1462. During the Retribution Campaign, he found Negral in a Pyramid of Power. He was much too young to have suffered the transformation to a ghoul, but such is the fate of those who live too near one of these ancient structures. These pyramids, six in all, are products of the Lith-Crillion, built as research centers, where they studied everything outside of them as if they were lower life-forms. After the Lith-Crillion race disappeared, the krivian ghouls came about as a defensive measure. The Pyramids created them to act as guardians, replacing lost numbers or adding to populations by capturing mortals and infusing them with the Pyramid's power. The result was a hybrid undead that was half-ghoul and half whatever race it was before its conversion.

- from the Godspawn Saga

Krivian ghouls are intelligent and frequently cooperate with evil societies (c.f. Black Tide of Thasmudyan, Sakullêth, to name a few). When the first krivian ghouls came about, they explored the pyramids. They quickly learned that some areas were not to be entered. The one thing that all the krivian ghouls, across all the Pyramids, managed to find was Lith-Crillion technology. One of the most revolutionary of these were plans for building magical devices called Night Howlers. These weapons use negative energy harnessed from energy rifts sited in each Pyramid of Power.

Krivian ghouls shun daylight. Since they are hybrid undead, they cannot be turned, have some resistance to negative energy, and vulnerability to the baleful effects of positive energy. Since krivian ghouls are created by the pyramids, they have regional racial differences. For example, those krivian ghouls of the High Pyramid of Power tend to have a slender build, pointed ears, and traces of elven hair color, while those of the Jungle Pyramid show their kuo-toan or firenewt racial features. All krivian ghouls have dull black eyes and a gaunt body. They can subsist on nearly any organic matter.

Racial Traits
Hades Cloak +1 natural AC
Wisdom of the Lith-Crillion +1 Wisdom, +2 Will
Half Dead Radiant Vulnerability 5, Cannot be turned
Pyramid Attuned krivian ghouls are created in a Pyramid of Power, see the table below for the Resistance benefit
Darkness Born Light sensitivity: opponent has Combat Advantage when a krivian ghoul is exposed to bright light - can be countered with sunglasses
Necrotic Magnet able to be spellstiched
Racial as base race
Pyramids of Power
Specific NameResistance
Hells Pyramid of PowerNecrotic Resistance 10
High Pyramid of PowerNature Resistance 10
Ivory Pyramid of PowerDR 3/-
Jungle Pyramid of PowerFire Resistance 10
Sand Pyramid of PowerAcid Resistance 10
Swamp Pyramid of PowerPoison Resistance 10
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