Kobold Sorcerer
Creation28 Hollow 1425 DE

The legendary green dragon Caesinsjach created the first kobold - naming him Pruzaan Aar, which in Draconic means "best servant". Later, he would take the name Kurtulmak from a powerful demon lord he single-handedly defeated in the Demon Spawn War. While he attended Caesinsjach's needs, he plotted his escape and the downfall of his creator and master. One of the things he found in Caesinsjach's sprawling lair was a nearly expended life forge. He used this in secret to create more kobolds like himself and then cunningly mixed them in with those that Caesinsjach had created after making him. Caesinsjach seems to have known about his machinations and was even amused at his plotting. Caesinsjach was highly intelligent, yet it seems Kurtulmak outwitted her, for she was forced to let the kobolds go free. Most of the kobolds went with Kurtulmak, with some staying back to revere their creator Caesinsjach.

In the Creation War, Caesinsjach's abode on Vu Kes fell to the primordials and was then consumed by the Nine-Tongued Worm. The world and all its inhabitants, including Caesinsjach and her kobolds, were obliterated. Kurtulmak and his kobolds escaped their doomed world and made it to Bal-Kriav. Kobold legends would have you believe that it was Kurtulmak's great magic that got them to safety, but in truth it was Bruh Kreniik.

Kurtulmak taught them the art of living off others - theft, looting, pillaging and the like. The only good thing he seems to have bestowed upon them is their skill in mining and engineering. Arcana would probably add their knack for magic.

- Garl Glittergold, from a Plaque of Aphalur - "The Makings of Kurtulmak"

Kobolds are spread across the lands of Bal-Kriav. Their largest populations are found in the Aerie of Dragons. Here their numbers are unknown, but thought to exceed two million. They either dwell among the dragon-blooded empires of the Aerie or are citizens of one of the region's kobold empires.

Kobolds are expert miners, equal in most respects to dwarves. Most kobold civilizations worship Kurtulmak.

Kobolds are prone to pick on creatures smaller than themselves, and seem to take crude delight in inflicting pain and misery upon their captives. Though they generally are aware (and resentful) of their physical disadvantages when compared to the larger humanoids, humans, and demi-humans, they are also very respectful of authority and will do as they are ordered if ruled by an obviously more powerful (and lawful evil) creature or being. However, kobolds automatically dislike anyone much larger than themselves on the basis of size alone, and though they will carry out their leader’s will in such cases, they will likely also seek to pervert the intent of their orders in some minor way to show their resentment [1].

Racial Traits
Kurtulmak's Gift free Weapon Finesse feat with light pick
Racial as kobold


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