Creation11 Saunas 1411 DE

For thousands of years, it was thought that Ilabizdum was populated by only one type of dwarf - those of Deep Six. Even their closest allies, the Giff League did not know of the another dwarven race that also existed on Ilabizdum. This was because it was a state secret of Deep Six to keep others ignorant of their brutal and domineering past. Long before the founding of Deep Six, the Dulun-Khâl and the Furnal-Khâl warred over a belt of mineral rich hills and mountains that separate their respective territories. When the Dulun-Khâl of Deep Six won the Tholib-Irazâd, the defeated were sent to labor camps and then started a life of serfdom.

In the Zharr Rikkaz war, the Furnal-Khâl became known to the realm. An interrogation of one by the intelligence branch of the High Command learned that the Furnal-Khâl had only recently gained their independence from the Deep Six.

Furnal-Khâl are similar in build to the Dulun-Khâl. Like the other dwarf races, the Furnal-Khâl were created by Danzar-Khâl. He made them stronger and resistant to fire because of rich veins of blutium snaking through the volcanic lands of Nûrak. In the Creation War, this ore was needed to make armor and weapons for the angelic armies of the Nawirrûs Covenant, so Danzar-Khâl created a fire-tempered race to cope with the volatile land.

Like all of Ilabizdum's dwarves, Furnal-Khâl have powerful builds, where they differ from the others is in their reddish skin and hairless bodies. Due to the gravitational strength of their home world, Furnal-Khâl have builds that are 25% larger than the dwarves of Bal-Kriav.

Racial Traits
Ilabizdum Pressure+2 strength
Lava Blood Resist 10 fire, increasing by 5 every 5 levels
Racial as dwarf
Common Homelands