Frost Giant

Frost Giant
Typefrost giant
Creation2 War March 514 DE

The first frost giants were created by the primordial Piranoth. They came to Bal-Kriav and possibly other realms as soldiers carrying out the whims of their primordial masters. After the Creation War, most primordials were driven back to Chaos. Many of their minions and soldiers, like the frost giants, were left behind on worlds far from where they originated. In the God Era, the angels and gods tracked down and imprisoned most of the firebrands of these former minions and imprisoned them in places like Denerra.

Many frost giants worship Thyrm. Most of the frost giants of Bal-Kriav have bloodlines to the Thurfing Olvading. This army of frost giants was headed by Thyrm at the Second Battle of Regadnîn. In this battle, Thyrm was captured and convinced to serve the enemy. The frost giant army was scattered at the battle at Regadnîn. After learning of their leader's capture they broke-up into tribal factions and holed up in remote areas of the Elephant Backbone.

In the God Era, frost giant elementalists used shaping magic to turn water into ice. After a century, they were so skilled with ice magic that they fabricated galley-like ships almost entirely out of ice. The only non-ice parts of these galleys were the oars and sails. In this way, tribes left Straiden and re-settled in distant lands like Brucrumus.

An area of the realm with the greatest concentration of frost giants is Igas. Most of the denizens of this region came to this world by way of the Glacial Throne. For the most part they are imprisoned in the southern tracts of Elemantum.

Racial Traits
Racial as frost giant
Energy Composition
Life Energy53%
Cold Energy23%
Entropic Energy10%
Unholy Energy8%