Creation19 Brighstar 1400 DE

In the Dawn Era, the Dulun-Khâl were created by Danzar-Khâl. At the time, he was a Creationist tasked with making worlds and all the things that go in them. The Dulun-Khâl are the first dwarves. They hail from the world Ilabizdum. Tens of thousands of them were sent to Bal-Kriav in the Creation War. In this first great war of the ages, they sided with the angels and gods, battling the armies of the primordials. Descendants of the Dulun-Khâl that remained on Bal-Kriav are known as the Turkûn-Khâl. Both of these dwarven races are a product of the world they were born on and adapted to.

As a result of the gravitational mass of their home world and different evolution, Dulun-Khâl have more body mass, nearly 25% more, and greater strength than your average Turkûn-Khâl living on Bal-Kriav. They are also distinguishable from the dwarves of Bal-Kriav by their skin color, very stocky build and eye color. The most common encountered have a skin color of a metallic tint, and their pupils are the color of chrome. The most well-known empire of these dwarves is Daligûp-Shîzik, better known as Deep Six.

Dulun-Khâl raise special creatures from birth called thaalud. On Ilabizdum, they serve as guardians for holy places dedicated to Ptah. These creatures also serve as the protectors of Ptah's priests. Sages call these creatures "Tomb Tappers", a name given for their uncanny ability at finding and digging up treasure hoards. The dwarves enslaved these creatures several thousand years ago, using them as heavy laborers, elite guards, and so forth. These thaalud have grown up for generations under the Dulun-Khâl, and today know no other purpose in life except service to their dwarven masters.

Racial Traits
Ilabizdum Pressure+2 strength
Focus Strength enhance strength by four points for an encounter, 1/day (minor action). This power is brought on by a powerful adrenalin surge.
Racial as dwarf for other racial traits except Dwarven Resilience
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Common Homelands