Dragonborn Species 125

AliasSpecies 125
Creation5 Hollow 8991 GE

Early in the God Era Bahamut and his maker Bruh Kreniik, worked together, creating the Dragonborn race. They were needed in numbers and fast to meet the demon invasions of the Demon Spawn War.

The last great action by Bahamut's dragonborn forces, the Sed Uth, happened in the First Dragon Wake. After war's end in 9269 GE, Bahamut departed the world Bal-Kriav. He did this in preparation for his rise to godhood; leaving the mortal realms for the holy worlds of the Nawenglorûs system. Bahamut's creations, the Dragonborn, were left to make it on their own.

Dragonborn civilization took hold in sector Hiznaar Goz of the Aerie of Dragons. The Covenant fortresses and supply depots of the Hoof Front became the heart of dragonborn civilization. Civil governments were still in place from their days under Covenant leadership. They had some problems in the beginning electing officials. This came from a desire of die-hards to continue the fight against evil. Some were not of the crusader mindset, all they knew was war, and generally believed their prestige and honor came from it. As a result, civil conflict ensued and for the next couple centuries the dragonborn lived under a stratocracy. Their center of power was Diiv Revakaad.

On Bal-Kriav, dragonborn civilization peaked during the second half of the Horgon Era. The two dragonborn empires of that period were Arkhosia and its smaller offshoot Galirkrad. These two nations worshiped opposing dragon gods, one under Bahamut and the latter following the dictum of Tiamat. The roots of this split go way back. Some believed that Bahamut didn't treat them as equals to the likes of his other creations, or those that served under him in the Demon Spawn War. They give evidence of this with Bahamut's first mortal followers being ex-soldiers of the Nonvul Viing, then a decade later, the Khage, and then in 9370 GE, nearly a century later, proselytizers approached the people of Diiv Revakaad looking to spread the gospel of Bahamut.

In The Burns, Arkhosia and Bael Turath waged brutal and genocidal wars with each other. These conflicts ended up bringing down both empires and scattering their peoples. When Arkhosia fell, the dragonborn splintered into petty city-states with most of them staying in the Aerie of Dragons, while some went to other areas of Brucrumus. Many dragonborn hope that a dragonborn empire rises again that will match the glory of Arkhosia.

Racial Traits
Racial as dragonborn