The Dezellâm were sand giants that once lived across the inhospitable desert Sands of Hell. They were brought to the world Bal-Kriav in the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE). In this great conflict, they served as builders and workers under Storralk. When a rogue primordial unleashed primordial worms in the Sands of Hell, many Dezellâm escaped, going into hiding.. They intentionally kept out of sight during the Creation War, helping neither side in the conflict. They built great holds beneath the sands in what is considered the shallow Underdark and in the rocky outcropping of places like Phezellûn and Ulgošân.

In the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE), the Dezellâm were recruited by Bahamut. They became the Silt Fist Legion. When not battling the demon hordes of Orcus, they built fortifications like Bruh Gevul. After the war and departure of the gods and angels, they built their first settlement at Imgongruk.

When the Lith-Crillion came to this desert, the giants came to revere them for their powerful magic and great intelligence. The sand giants built stunning monuments and structures for them. The greatest of these are the Pyramids of Power.

Around 1000 LE, the Dezellâm began to suffer from a natural change in the dryness of the Sands of Hell. Many oasis's of the Sands of Hell became barren and wells dried up. During this time, the Dezellâm also suffered from locust plagues, disease and increasing attacks from a booming population of primordial sand worms. The people went to the Lith-Crillion and pleaded for help, but the Lith-Crillion stated that they could do nothing to stop nature. As a result, many Dezellâm lost faith in the people they once revered. In 1011 LE, the Dezellâm became subject to the Stone Curse. This magical disease rapidly spread across the population. Nearly all the female Dezellâm were magically turned to stone within a year. Some Dezellâm in the remote areas near Alluvium Deep survived the Stone Curse. Those of today are ancestors of those that survived the Stone Curse. Nobody knows why they were unaffected by the magical disease. Some theologians say it was the doings of the god Geb, with their worship of him beginning around the same time.

Racial Traits
Storralk Touch as the spell Soften Earth and Stone 1/day
Shaper of Geb at 4th level, as the spell Stone Shape 1/day
Racial as sand giant