Deep Gnome Warren Gnome

Deep Gnome
Typegnome sub-race
AliasWarren Gnome
Creation9 Bliss 8750 DE

Late in the Dawn Era, Callarduran, a Creationist, forged the gnome race. Luckily for his creations, they sat out the Creation War. Their civilization began on the continent Hezmort. They had two centuries of relative peace until the next big war came, and this one visited their shores with terrible consequences.

In the Demon Spawn War, Hezmort was invaded by the demon lord Jurusalax. The gnomes were so hard-pressed that Callarduran fought in the battles to stem the tide. At the time, their were rifts all over Bal-Kriav, with demons invading on multiple fronts. As a result, Covenant commanders like Ares, Athena, and Naraz-Nâru agreed that they could not save every area of the realm, some must be given up to win the war.

The number of demons coming against is almost a 100:1 - we cannot save every area, some must be sacrificed for ultimate victory.

- Ares, quote from the Thuaxor Keozhal - "Strategem 11"

Ares sent his brilliant commander Asmodeus to Hezmort with orders for all angelic forces to pull out. Callarduran refused to abandon his gnomes. He stayed and battled the demons coming through the Núlananya Rift. The onslaught ended up being too much for even the might of the god Callarduran, for even his powers of creation were not enough to face the multitude before them. Callarduran told his people to enter Krephus Sink and go into the deeps. Around five thousand agreed with their leader. Another two thousand did not want to eke out an existence in the Underdark, so they fled by dirigible airships. The remaining thousands stayed behind to fight alongside their leader.

The gnomes that fled into Krephus Sink were led by Callarduran's top general Segojan. Beneath the war-torn region above, Goulnacus, the gnomes followed the Krephus Passage east. Pursued by Jurusalax's forces, they went to the barges lining the Earth Seam. Along the banks of this river of elemental earth, they boarded barges for distant lands. It was during these boarding operations that on the surface, Callarduran was slain (8994 GE). With his death, his energy bathed those that went into the dark, giving them traits suitable for living underground. A few things were instant, their skin color changed to match the colors of the subterranean realm, their body sizes became more lithe than their surface counterparts, and their eyes improved to see in the darkness that was now always around them.

Now changed, these gnomes, or what would become generally known as the Deep Gnomes, followed the Earth Seam north to Baruk-Agan. After entering this Seam Portal, they were transported thousands of miles north to Vogelak, the birthplace of Deep Gnome civilization. When the pursing demons came to the same area of the Earth Seam, they were greeted with hostility. On orders of Geb, he forbade any but those allied with the Covenant or neutrals of the greater conflict from using it. Luckily for the Deep Gnomes, the elementals of the Seam were in Geb's camp.

Racial Traits
Racial as deep gnome