Black Orc

black orc sends a Tragaran to Hades
TypeGithirmil sub-race
Creation6 Dreamer 1202
LanguageDraconic, High Orc

Black orcs were created by infusing the blood of an ancient black dragon into a pregnant Githirmil. This practice was invented by Sos Vrii dragon cultists. This use of Githirmil in such experiments was banned by the High Command under Blac'drugulois, but made legal under Monty the Mad. Since that ruling, the technique for doing these experiments with dragon blood has spread to groups within the Orchish Empire and Crimson Eye. Sos Vrii and others have experimented with other chromatic dragon bloods, but have only had success when using black dragon blood.

A black orc is sized between a Githirmil and an ogre. They are muscular, black-skinned, and very strong creatures. One of the most dangerous aspects of black orcs is their ability to spit acid. This acid is very potent and often collected for use in wars.

Racial Traits
Brute Force +4 Strength
Dragon Brawn +4 Constitution
Black Blood 2/day - breath a jet of acid to 20' scoring 3d6 points of damage (Reflex DC 15 + reflex modifier of the black orc)
Ogre Stained -2 charisma, -2 wisdom
Common Homelands