Zînin-Gulc - Sava'loth
RegionTribe Steppes
Founded4 Saunas 892 HE

Zînin-Gulc was founded in 892 HE by the Araj. It was predominately populated by Durkoth and Theegan descended from those that came to Bal-Kriav in the Spire of Krak-Oth.

Zînin-Gulc grew to be a splendorous city. All the major thoroughfares had marble tiled streets and the walls were adorned with colorful mosaics of wildlife common to the region's plains.

In 1001 HE, Zînin-Gulc replaced Argruxiel as the capital of Araj.

When Araj fell, the elements and time reduced this ancient place to an overgrown ruin. The once pristine marble squares are buried under dirt and vegetation. Any movable item of value has long since been looted from the place. Many statues of horses are scattered about the city, the more monolithic are still intact, great ornate figures, weighing 30 to 60 tons. In ages past, the Araj worshiped these statues as gods.

Today, Araj is often visited by the Jara. It is believed that they do this out of some knowledge that their ancestors (the Theegans) once dwelled here.

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