RegionAerie of Dragons
MapKrein Jusk

The kobold tribes before the founding of Ashmerthoon named this lake Yatúrz. It was named after a half-demon kobold witch that led the people to greatness in the Lith-Crillion Era.

At the heart of this lake is a turbulent area of water called the Dragon Tongue. In 1209 HE, while traveling along the Sea Tunnel, the merchant ship Trielasog came up a spiraling column of water from this extra-dimensional passage and then onto the surface of the lake. Several years after they found this area above the Sea Tunnel, Bael Turath claimed the territory around the lake and built a fort on Yatúrz's southern shores. This fort grew to be the city Varrogrith.

The ocean waters flowing into this lake from the Dragon Tongue make this lake salty and discolored. Water that naturally comes into the lake from the many nearby swamps and rain mix with the salty ocean water spewing up from the Sea Tunnel creating an array of blues and often unpredictable salinity.

Most of the the lake's overflow drains south where it forms the headwaters of the river Zal Rath. Ships that come to this lake by way of the Dragon Tongue, can take Zal-Rath all the way to the Sea of Mourning. Along the lake's eastern shores are half-submerged caves. During heavy rainfall, some of the lakes flow down passages that lead to the Underdark. The largest of these passages is Tumbo Gein.

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