Tiizak Cistern

RegionAerie of Dragons
MapIizus Yeldah

Tiizak is a lake in the Iizus Yeldah sector of the Aerie of Dragons. It probably got the name Cistern because of all the sewage that once spilled into it from the heights above. These heights are the mountains of Inzurakthol. Before the devastation wrought by Amaglothorn, the heights above Tiizak were home to dwarven clans.

In the Horgon Era, dozens of dwarven clans lived in Inzurakthol's highlands. They had clan fortresses that were part of a loose confederacy formed to deal with frost giant and humanoid incursions and keep a watch over the elves of the valley below. The large population of dwarves in the area resulted in the creation of a vast sewer system - more mountain water run-off flowed through these canals than actual sewage. This network of sewers and canals is called Mukgum-Gam. They once joined all the dwarven holdings. In addition to draining the enormous amount of water from from their holdings, they were made to such height and width to serve as trade and military routes.

The dwarves were forced to abandon the area of Inzurakthol when it froze over. Many of the canals and sewers honeycombing the mountains above the lake are still operational, but where they once carried filth, today they carry pristine and cold waters from the melting ice of Inzurakthol. Theses waters emerge from a mountain face shaped to look like a giant dwarven hand. This marvel of engineering is the Palm of Tiizak. In the center of the palm, the canals of Mukgum-Gam drain through a gaping hole, forming a waterfall that plunges 750' into Tiizak.

Notable Areas
  • Mukgum-Gam
  • Palm of Tiizak