RegionGrashakh, Miradelg√Ľn
MapThithanorn Forest

Thithanorn is a huge forest, that from the south begins east of Rinsnick and thins out six hundred miles northeast at the Inghild Mountains. Thithanorn has an unusual landscape, dotted with with lone hills, spires of rock and great mesas. Some of these spires reach heights of three hundred feet. They are covered in vines and vegetation, homes for hundreds of bird nests, or a lone predator like a griffon, wyvern, or chimera. The mammoth mesas are honeycombed with thousands of caves and tunnels.

Beyond the rocky features, the forest has dozens of thick areas which in the Lith-Crillion Era served as the home of nearly a dozen green dragons. These were soldiers that served Tiamat in the Demon Spawn War. After the end of that war, this tightly-knit group settled down in this forest. As they grew in age and power, they used their nature spells to change the forest to suit their needs. The aforementioned thick areas are the remnants of great mazes the dragon's built to serve as their lairs.

In the Arduous March (1041 - 1096), the Githirmil under Blac'drugulois were taking claim of Inirthak. The records of that advance speak of no serious opposition by dragons. Their old lairs had become overgrown thickets, home to animals, beasts, and monsters. One of the more dangerous of these are quicklings. These malevolent fey came to the area with the dragons; having also served under Tiamat. When they had to, they served the dragons in maze up-keep and other menial tasks. The quicklings of the area proudly told how they slew or scared the dragons away. This was the story until the Orchish Empire began to push east from Inirthak into Thingrorn. This led to an organized warfare by the quicklings with Fograth records indicating leaders with the ability to breath clouds of chlorine gas so deadly that entire units were wiped out. The military records of the campaign say the quicklings were guerrilla fighters with some of their commanders having the skills of high-level druids. The Fograth made head way into the area. The cost of incessant raids and upkeep eventually resulted in them pulling out. In the Second Epoch, the High Command gave up on putting imperial holds in eastern Grashakh, instead resorting to using others like Crimson Eye to find a way to stabilize the area.

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