S t e e l   T u s k Târuk Hidar

AliasTâruk Hidar
Built9 Temporal 1509

Târuk Hidar ("Steel Tusk") was a fortified town established by a government sponsored company of Ivory Asylum. It was founded to spread Ivory Asylum influence and to extract resources like iron ore from Malurn. Once at the port of Steel Tusk, this iron was taken to the domestic ports of Ivory Asylum or sent afar to foreign ports. Steel Tusk was owned and managed by the company Nibar Mâru, an enterprise that specializing colonization and procuring resources.

In 1558, Steel Tusk was flattened by the Flexing Behemoth - a construct of gargantuan proportions. The town was levelled and all resistance that braved the beast were crushed. Flexing Behemoth rampaged through Steel Tusk, smashing all structures into dust. The only visible signs of the former location of Steel Tusk, are the gargantuan footprints left by the Flexing Behemoth.